Our Mission

An Adventure Worth Sharing 

Beyond the anime, cosplay, and neon lights of Tokyo, is a side of Japan that few tourists know about.  The countryside regions of Japan only see a minute fraction of the record 27 million tourists who visited Japan in 2017.

We at the Hidden Japan seek to offer an alternative route to experience the beauty of Japan deep in the Yamagata countryside.


Join us as we remove the barriers that have prevented foreign tourists from discovering the beauty of this region and aspire to share a part of Japan that you can experience all to yourself.  


The Hidden Japan Team

Derek Yamashita

Derek is a commercial photographer and avid nature photographer with a passion of sharing the beauty around him.  He moved to Yamagata from Los Angeles three years ago and has since decided to call the vast nature and rich culture of this region home. 

Saori Yamashina

Saori is a freelance writer and media specialist born and raised in Yamagata Prefecture.  Sharing a love for her hometown and community, she has decided to help establish the tourism industry that this region needs and deserves.

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