The Akagawa Firework Festival

Tsuruoka City

By far the largest attraction in terms of numbers for Tsuruoka City, the annual Akagawa Firework Festival first started in 1991 and has since become known as one of the top 10 firework shows in all of Japan. 

Over the course of and hour and a half, tens of thousands of fireworks are fired along the Mogami River where they create dazzling displays that correspond with music that is played from large speakers across the large festival grounds.  

Unlike the other major firework festivals in Japan, The Akagawa Firework Festival is one of the easiest festivals to see.  The cost of the tickets for this event are still reasonable (approximately $15-35) and this event has not been plagued by ticket scalpers who cause events to sell out immediately when tickets go on sale.  

Visitors should also be sure to book their hotels well in advance as well.  

If you cannot find lodging in Tsuruoka City then you can also find lots of hotels in the neighboring city of Sakata.  There is a train that you can ride from Tsuruoka Station after the festival.  

That being said, plan your trip in advance and you can enjoy a seat right up close to one of the best fireworks displays that Japan has to offer. 

Update: the 2020 Akagawa Firework Festival tickets will soon go on sale.  

This year you can expect tickets to sell out well in advance.  

Quick Info:


This small city is heavily strained by the massive influx of over 25k people each year.  Parking is usually located a 20-30 minute walk from the actual firework grounds.  

Getting tickets to this event has become progressively harder each year as it skyrockets in popularity.  Be sure to purchase your tickets and lodging well in advance!  

You may contact the event organizers here.


Tickets must be purchased in advance. 

You can however see this for free by watching it from the rice fields of Mt. Haguro.  

Tickets may be purchased on the official event site.

The river trail where you can watch the show. 

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