Yamagata Cherry Picking

June to July

Enjoy the famous cherries of Yamagata prefecture right at the orchards where they are grown! 

Yamagata accounts for over 70% of the domestic cherry production in Japan and is famous for producing small pearly red cherries called yoshino cherries.  These can command incredibly high prices of up to $100 per box during certain times of the year but can be had at a fraction of the price if you make the trip up to the Shonai Region.

See below for booking options for this experience.  This is an unguided experience but we can also provide a guide to groups interested in one.  

Quick Info:

Event Date(s)                                                                                               Mid-June to Mid-July

Activity Length                                                                                             Approximately 1 hour

Price                                                                                                              2,300 yen (unguided) 


This experiences is unguided.  However, we will be arranging your tickets and communication with the farmers of these farms.  All you need to do is arrive at the set location and they will guide you into the farms where you will begin the experience.

We would also be happy to help you with transportation inquiries whether that be by rental bike from the station or a private taxi or rental car

These farms are located about 20-30 minutes from Tsuruoka Station in the outskirts of Tsuruoka City.  

Please note that the availability of the cherries varies from year to year due to the climate. 

Inquire below with your desired date and we will let you know if the cherries are available.  

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