Culinary Programs in Yamagata Prefecture

Born from its pristine nature and abundance of bountiful ingredients Yamagata City boasts rich culinary traditions that have been continually inherited and innovated upon for centuries.  This includes the UNESCO recognized culinary excellence of Tsuruoka City, internationally acclaimed sake of Yamagata, and incredibly diverse regional cuisine found across this region.


Experience the rich culinary arts of Yamagata Prefecture through a variety of special programs that we have made in close collaboration with local chefs, farmers, and fishermen in this region.  


Please note that many of our experiences utilize fresh ingredients found out in nature.  

As such, the ingredients and contents of these experiences may vary drastically depending on the season. 


Guided Experiences

See below for a list of fully guided experiences.  

We provide local guides who live in Yamagata who will be by your side to walk you through a variety of culinary experiences.

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Shojin Ryori Cooking Class on Mt. Haguro

Learn how to prepare and cook a variety of wild vegetables with the Yamabushi of Miyatabo on Mt. Haguro.

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Mountain Foraging on Mt. Gassan

Forage for a rich variety of mountain vegetables or mushrooms in the pristine forests of Mt. Gassan and cook them with locals.


Sushi Workshop with Chef Suda 

Work with freshly caught fish from the coast of Tsuruoka City in this immersive culinary course by Chef Takeshi Suda.


Tora Fugu Culinary Demonstration 

See tiger pufferfish prepared and plated right before your eyes and enjoy one of Japan's most coveted delicacies.


Kaiseki Bento Workshop with Chef Suda

Learn the art of creating elegant kaiseki bento together with one of Yamagata's top washoku chefs.

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