Tours and Experiences

Experience Rural Japan Alongside the Locals 

Experience the wonders of the lush nature and rich, pristine culture of rural Japan.

We are working with passionate local residents of Yamagata to share the beauty and excitement of this very special part of Japan.



Sea to Table in Yamagata Prefecture

Enjoy the freshest fish available by catching or buying your own fish and preparing them with a famous chef of Yamagata.

Maiko Performances at Somaro

See the practiced elegance of the maiko of Somaro in Sakata City. 

Yamabushi Training on Mt. Kinbo

Venture into the pristine nature of Yamagata alongside Yamabushi and walk along their ancient training paths that have been in use for over a thousand years. Our training programs are open to all and are available throughout the year.

Yamagata Wagyu Experience

Enjoy top grade Yamagata Wagyu beef right inside a supermarket for the market direct prices.

Sake Tasting in Tsuroka City

Choose from a large selection of locally brewed sake from the family owned breweries of the Shonai Region.   

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