Farmer Homestay Programs in Tsuruoka City

Year Round 

Experience the rural farm life of Japan through a farmers homestay experience in Yamagata where you can stay in a charming farmhouse and join the farmers for an early morning harvest and learn how to cook a variety of traditional dishes together.

These experiences take place in the outskirts of Tsuruoka City at a farmers homestay called Naa in collaboration with various farmers from this region.   

There are various types of crops that can be harvested together with the farmers such as dadachamame soy beans in mid-August and even winter turnips in January and February. 

See below for more information and note that we will continue to add more options as we work out the details with the farmers. 

Quick Info:

Event Date(s)                                                                                                Year Round (crops vary)

Activity Length                                                                                                           2 Days 

Price                                                                                                                         30,000 yen 


You will start your experience checking into a farmers homestay called Naa in the evening where you will meet the Onodera Family who will show you around their home and into your rooms.  Their home is a large traditional farmhouse originally built over 100 years ago in the middle of vast rice fields. 

From here you will have some free time to explore the village around the home before enjoying a beautifully arranged dinner featuring the traditional farmers cuisine of Tsuruoka City.  

These courses are personally designed by Norimasa Onodera and vary throughout the year as they utilize fresh ingredients from the Shonai Region. 

After dinner you are advised to get some sleep as you will be waking up very early the next morning.


The next morning a local guide will accompany you with the famers as you see how the famers here harvest their crops and join them to harvest some of your own by hand.

Depending on the type of crop this will also include a trip to their local factory where you can see how the farmers of Tsuruoka process their crops before they are shipped off for luxury stores and high end restaurants across Japan.  

You will then take your crops back to Naa where you will learn how to cook some of Norimasa's delicious dishes and enjoy a delicious meal together.  

Availability of Crops and Reservations 

Note that the availability of crops varies greatly throughout the year.  

Currently we have the following programs and will be adding more soon. 

-Dadachamame Soybeans (Mid August)

-Winter Turnips (January and February)

-Winter Carrots (December to March)

-Rice Harvesting (Later September to Early October)

If you would like to do this experience outside of the listed periods above, please contact us and we would be happy to talk with the farmers to plan an experience for your visit.  

Virtual Tours

We are also able to conduct virtual tours of this experiences where you can speak with the farmers and interact via live or preprepared video.  This is available for both individuals and organizations.  

For inquiries, please use the reservation form below.


The price for these programs is 30,000 per person and includes the following. 

-Lodging at Naa with dinner and breakfast.

-Harvesting in the fields with the farmers and a local guide.

-All necessary equipment. 

-Cooking class back at Naa.  

Please note that the minimum number of participants for this program to run is 2 people.  

We also ask that guests make their bookings at least 2 weeks in advance if possible. 

Each experience is personally arranged with Norimasa, we will get back to you within 24 hours with confirmation of your reservation.

Please reach out to us in the form below and we will be happy to set up your experience. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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