Hiyoriyama Park

Hiyoriyama Park

Sakata City

Hiyoriyama Park is a spacious park located near downtown Sakata City. The area is named after the weather (Hiyori) as sailors would climb the mountain (yama) to check the conditions before heading out to sea. 

Play in the large grass field surrounded by cherry trees, and check out the replica of the Sengoku ship that played a very important role in the Kitamaebune trade routes that allowed Sakata to flourish from the 1600s onwards. 

If you follow the path up the hill, it veers off to the right where you will find a lookout over the port, that also gives a good view of the lighthouse. Built in 1813, this is one of the oldest wooden lighthouses in Japan, and it used to be located on the opposite shore of the river. 

Hiyoriyama Park is within walking distance of Kaikoji Temple, Somaro, and the Sanno Club making it a great item to add into a walking itinerary of the downtown area. 

Quick Info:


Hiyoriyama Park is open year-round and has two parking lots at both ends of the park. 


Note that the Kitamaebune ship in the lake is partially dismantled during the winter months due to heavy snow.  


Entry is free!

There is also a small cafe near the lake that sells shave ice, coffee, udon, and other snacks.  

Sakata City at sunset

The lighthouse of Hiyoriyama Park

Hiyoriyama Park is filled with historical monuments and statues of famous merchants and samurai that helped to shape this city.  

It is a nice place to stroll around after a visit to the Sanno Club located right next to this park as you will get to see many of the cultural exhibits featured in the museum of Sanno Club in person.  

This includes a replica of one of the Kitamaebune ships that you can also board in the small lake in the center of the park. 

Its also a great place to have a picnic after having bought some food at one of the local convenience stores or the small cafe located in the park. 

One of the many statues around the park

The small cafe where you can enjoy a light meal by the lake. 

Some of the historical monuments in the park. 

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