Yamabushi Training on Mt. Kinbo

Venture into the pristine nature of Yamagata alongside Yamabushi monks and walk along their ancient training paths that have been in use for over a thousand years.

This short training program by the yamabushi of Mt. Kinbo will take participants up to the Kinbo Shrine and then to a waterfall at the end of a hidden trail.

Along this path you will take part in a series of rituals alongside the yamabushi and also learn about the mindset and ideology that your guide would like you to focus on as you trek deep into this sacred mountain.

Quick Info:

Event Date(s)                                                                                              Year Round, See Below

Activity Length                                                                                           Approximately 3 hours

Activity Time                                                                                               Flexible, see below

Venue                                                                                 Awashima Shrine at the base of Mt. Kinbo

Price                                                                                                                  12,000 yen/person

You will begin this program by meeting with Masato Kono, a Yamabushi monk of Mt. Kinbo who was born and raised at the base of this mountain and has spent decades training on both this mountain and the Dewasanzan Mountains of Yamagata

Masato will then help you dress into some of the shirosozoku robes of the Yamabushi and prepare you to enter the sacred trail of this mountain with him. 

Along the hike up to the Kinbo Shrine you will take part in a variety of rituals and customs of the Yamabushi with Masato.  This includes rituals including chanting by your Yamabushi guide that involves staying silent and bowing your head. Please be respectful, discreet, and minimal if you wish to take pictures during these moments. 

Masato will also teach you about the philosophy of the Yamabushi and the religious ideals of Shugendo that they follow.  This includes personal stories of his and if you would like personal stories about yourself as well.  

Upon reaching the shrine, you will undergo a series of blessings to purify yourself before venturing along a hidden path to the small waterfall at the back of the shrine.  Here you will be able to have a meager meal of onigiri rice balls as is customary of the Yamabushi before venturing back down the mountain together to the Awashima Shrine. 

Reservations and Important Notes

-This guide is available year-round and Activity Times are flexible.

- Note that during the winter season shirosozoku might not be able due to the cold weather.

- This tour is predominantly outdoors, so please dress accordingly for the weather and wear comfortable shoes or boots. Due to the large amount of walking, pregnant women and people with serious health conditions should not undertake this tour.

-Please send us a reservation inquiry to book this experience. 

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