Maiko, museums, temples and more

In addition to its many stunning natural attractions, Yamagata has a plethora of charming spots to enjoy. 


From live maiko performances to tea ceremonies alongside beautiful Japanese gardens, Yamagata has plenty to enjoy within the comfort of its small cities and towns.  

Featured Locations

Ginzan Onsen

A beautiful onsen town located deep in the mountains of Yamagata. 


A small artisans hamlet on the outskirts of Yamagata City, Hirashimizu is home to some of the finest artisans in Yamagata Prefecture.  

Gyokusenji Temple

A large Zen Buddhist temple at the base of Mt. Haguro.  Gyokusenji features a beautiful Japanese garden hundreds of years old that has been designated as a national treasure.  

Yamagata City

The capital of Yamagata Prefecture can be reached from Tokyo via the Yamagata Shinkansen and is perfectly located nearby many of this region's top sightseeing locations. 

Jichiin Temple

Nestled in the historic port city of Sakata is a sprawling temple complex with a towering buddha statue that watches over the surrounding area.  This temple is called Jichi-in Temple and traces back over 600 years from when the founders of this temple first came to this region

The Ken Domon Museum of Photography

See the personal collection of Ken Domon, one of Japan's most celebrated photographers.  


A stunning maiko teahouse dating back to the Edo Period complete with live performances, art museum, and dozens of rooms and exhibits to explore. 

The 16 Buddha of Yuza

Along the volcanic coastline of the small town of Yuza are 16 stone statues that were carved into the coastline over 150 years ago to protect the people of Shonai from tragedies at sea.  

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Other Locations
The Honma Residence
Kaikoji Temple
The Sakata Beika Factory
The Sanno Club
The Honma Garden and Museum
Hiyoriyama Park
The Matsuyama Cultural Museum
Sankyo Warehouse
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