Tamasudare Falls 玉簾の滝

Maruike Pond 丸池様

Yuza Town

Another wonderful part of the Mt. Chokai Geopark is the lovely Maruike Pond located near the base of Mt. Chokai in the small town of Yuza. This spring-fed pond has a deep emerald color in the summer which also appears as deep blue during the colder winter months.

It is accessible during all times of the year and is one of the most accessible places to see the extensive underground network of spring water that branches out across the geopark.

Visitors to this pond may also see salmon spawning the river that runs right next to it during the Fall.  

There is also a salmon hatchery located in front of the pond where salmon are harvested and spawned for release into the rivers.

Quick Info:


Accessible year-round and free to see.

Note that a rope barrier has been put up to protect the pond from a recent surge in tourists.  

This pond is located behind a salmon hatchery.  At first glance this facility may not look accessible, but rest assured that you are able to freely walk through this fishery to reach the pond.  


About a 35 minute drive from Sakata Station.  

More information below.  

A car or taxi is required to reach this location.

See available rental car options here.   

Other Tips:

- Recommended length of visit 30 minutes.

- A car or taxi is required to reach this location.  

- Boots may be required to reach this location during the winter. 

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The salmon hatchery in front of the pond


Maruika Pond during the Winter 


The google maps address for this location is located in the map below.  Be aware that some roads in this area may be inaccessible during the winter.  

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