Sankyo Soko Warehouse during the fall

Matsuyama Cultural Museum

Matsuyama Town

The town of Matsuyama once hosted the castle of Tadatsune Sakai that oversaw the some of the vast rice industry of the Shonai Region.  However, following the defeat of the Tokugawa Shogunate, this region had its castles torn down and its samurai disbanded as this region submitted to the rule of the new Meiji Government. 


The castle gate and beautiful garden still remain and in place of the castle a cultural museum now stands showcasing the rich history of this small rice producing community and the samurai clan that once administered it.  

Quick Info:


This museum is located a short drive from Sakata City in the small community of Matsuyama.    

Note that all information is only in Japanese.

Here is its address. 

36-2 Shinyashiki, Sakata-shi, Yamagata-ken 999-6832


Fees and reservations may be required for entry into this museum.  

Sankyo soko warehouse durin the fall

Some of the articles on display. 

The interior of one of the many exhibition rooms.

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