Zen Spiritual Programs in Yamagata Prefecture


Take in the serenity and silence of Yamagata's beautiful temples and shrines through zen meditation sessions led by the monks of this region.   

No prior experience is necessary to take part in these experiences and the monks of these temples are happy to take in anyone with an open mind and interest in the world of zen meditation.  Prior to meditating, you will also have the chance to tour these temples and shrines with these monks.  

Note that apart from the head priest of Jichiin Temple, the monks of Yamagata generally do not speak English.  However, local guides are available to help you with your visit.

See below for a list of our zen meditation programs.

Sakata City Temple -1.jpg

Zen Meditation at Jichiin Temple

Meet Munenori Otaki, the head of this temple and take part in a special zen meditation session in one of the main prayer halls of this beautiful temple. Munenori can speak English and actively welcomes visitors.


Meditation at Gyokusenji Temple 

Be entranced by the silent sound of the forest around you in this beautiful temple built at the base of Mt. Haguro with a stunning Japanese garden.

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