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Night Activities in Yamagata City 

Make the most of your winter adventures in Yamagata Prefecture with a night out exploring the lively bar districts and extravagant dinner courses right in front of Yamagata Station.  

Going out for a bite or a beer in Japan can be perplexing, if not downright a little intimidating. Traditional Japanese izakaya (drinking and eating establishments) can be especially difficult, considering such buildings are often windowless with nothing more than a vertical curtain letting you know they’re in business. However, this doesn’t mean you settle for fast food or chain restaurants.

After all, one of the best parts about visiting Yamagata Prefecture is the vibrant and delicious culinary arts found across this mountainous region. 


That’s where these tours have you covered. These night courses take you through the streets of downtown Yamagata to the top bars and restaurants with an emphasis on delicious local food and friendly local owners.


Experiences at a Glance

  • Bar Hopping Tours 

  • Sake and Wine Pairing Dinners 

  • Culinary Experiences 

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Yamagata Bar Hopping

Drink and dine your way through downtown Yamagata at the finest bars this city has to offer.  Enjoy traditional Yamagata specialities, delightful Yamagata fruit cocktails, and friendly locals.  Guided and unguided versions available. 


Wine Pairing with Chef Murayama 

Enjoy an extravagant dinner pairing course bringing together local Yamagata wine with seasonal culinary creations by Chef Murayama.  


Yamagata Wagyu BBQ

Visit Supermarket Yoshida next to Yamagata Station where you can buy a wide variety of Yamagata's famous Wagyu beef.  Here you can also rent space in their BBQ and grill up your wagyu and enjoy anything else you find in the market!  

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