Nature and Outdoors 


The Pristine Nature of the Yamagata Countryside

Yamagata consists of vast mountain ranges covered with forests, lakes, and waterfalls perfect for adventure.  Coupled with very distinct seasons, Yamagata offers an endless number of outdoor adventures and places to explore. 

Featured Locations 

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Mt. Zao 

Rising over 1,800 meters above the border of Yamagata and Miyagi Prefecture, Mt. Zao is one of the premier snow and outdoor destinations in Northern Japan. 


Mt. Haguro

Climb the 2,446 stone steps to the Dewa Sanzan Shrine on this sacred mountain. Mt. Haguro collectively forms what is known as the Dewa Sanzan Mountains and is a must visit location for anyone visiting Yamagata.  

Zao Hotsprings

The hot springs in Zao Onsen run from traditional to posh, and while onsen acolytes tout these “Springs of Beauty” as medicinally efficacious in everything from skin disorders to “weak children,” they are undoubtedly soul-searingly luxuriating.


Just outside Yamagata City lies the enchanting ancient Buddhist temple complex, of Yamadera Temple. 

Top spots for Hanami under the Sakura Cherry Blossoms in the Shonai Region of Yamagata, Japan.

Maruike Pond

A emerald pond fed by underground spring water at the base of Mt. Chokai.

Zao Snow Monsters

See the famous Snow Monsters at the top of Mt. Zao.

One of the premier nature activities in Yamagata, Mt. Chokai offers adventure to those wishing to experience the pristine natural beauty of Tohoku.  

One of the prime attractions of the extraordinary natural beauty of the Mt. Chokai Geo Park.  

The easiest to reach of the Dewa Sanzan, Mount Haguro features a five-story pagoda and a hand-carved stairway that winds through an ancient cedar forest lined with shrines, rivers, and a waterfall.  

Mt. Gassan

The highest mountain of the Dewasanzan that features a breathtaking view from its peak.  Mt. Gassan is one of our top recommendations for hiking in Yamagata!

The most sacred site of the Dewa Sanzan Mountains.  

Experience the full splendor of Fall in the beech forests of Nakajimadai.  

Your guide to Dewa Sanzan. Worshipped for over 1400 years, Dewa Sanzan are one of the top destinations in northern Japan. 

Featuring a massive 63 meter drop, Tamasudare is the tallest waterfall in the entire prefecture.  

A series of waterfalls running down the side of Mt. Chokai and the beautiful river trail that takes you up them.  

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