A Night at Pas Mal in Yamagata

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

An innovative marriage of traditional French culinary techniques with a flair of Yamagata

When travel opens up to Japan, it will be well worth your while to consider taking a break from traditional Japanese cuisine and to try some of Japan's fine French dining.

In short, the Japanese have a borderline unhealthy obsession with everything European.

One of the great things about this however, are the incredible Italian and French restaurants here and the unique Japanese flair they infuse into them.

Last night we visited Chef Murayama at his restaurant called Pas Mal in Yamagata City where we enjoyed an extravagant wine pairing dinner course featuring a perfect marriage of local wine with French and Yamagata ingredients.

One of Chef Murayama's specialities is the harmony between fine French ingredients imported from France with traditional and seasonal ingredients from across Yamagata Prefecture.

Most prominently was the pairing of Yamagata wine and sake throughout the dinner, but upon biting into his beautifully plated dishes we were surprised to taste ingredients like sake kasu (a byproduct of sake production) embedded deep in the flavors of his dishes.