Night and Morning Activities Across Yamagata

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In addition to Yamagata’s plethora of breathtaking natural beauty and spiritual wonders, it is also worth noting that this region has a very strong nightlife scene and early morning activities to enjoy in between your adventures here. In this article we have gathered a list of experiences and activities available across Yamagata Prefecture in Yamagata City, Tendo City, and the Shonai Region to help you make the most out of your journey to this beautiful region.


Sake Tasting in Tsuruoka City

Sake in the Shonai Region.

Choose from a specially curated selection of the Shonai Region's finest sake at the Ayatsuru Bar in the Foodever Visitors Center in Tsuruoka City. This specialty bar exclusively serves sake by the local brewers of this region and the bar master constantly updates his curated selection that includes limited edition sake that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else.

The sake tasting here includes 3 small dishes made by the bar tender to pair with your drinks. See more details here.


Bar Hopping in Yamagata City

After a day out exploring the beautiful mountain temple complex of Yamadera or skiing on the slopes of Mt. Zao, how about a night eating and drinking across downtown Yamagata's famous local izakaya and bars? The streets around Yamagata Station are filled with venues featuring delicious regional specialities from across the prefecture including sake and special cocktails made from this region's famous fruits. You can explore these bars freely or opt for a fully guided course with a local guide.


Fugu Culinary Demonstration

See entire tora fugu (tiger pufferfish) prepared by Chef Takeshi Suda, one of the most famous fugu chefs in all of Japan. See how this extremely poisonous fish has its tetrotoxins carefully removed by the chef right in front of you. Following this Chef Suda will plate its pure white meat in the beautiful arrangement of an elegant crane adorned with gold leaf.

Tora fugu is the highest grade of fugu in Japan and over 70% of all of this fugu is caught right here in Yamagata. Try this regional delicacy right at its source by making a reservation here.


Yamagata Wagyu Beef

Another must try delicacy while you are here in Yamagata is this region's buttery smooth wagyu beef served up across this prefecture. However, don't worry about having to break the bank to enjoy this top-grade beef, Super Market Yoshida offers wagyu at low market prices. At this supermarket, you can not only buy wagyu at market prices, but also grill it up at a special grilling area right in the market!

We are constantly creating new tours and experiences with the locals across Yamagata. You can see an up to date list on our website here.