Wappani Campfire Cooking on Awashima Island

On the tiny island of Awashima off the coast of Niigata Prefecture is a delicious campfire cuisine that is made entirely from the natural resources of the island.

This form of cooking known as wappani is a stew that consists of local fish mixed with miso and freshly sliced onions cooked in a cedar bowl called wappa. This dish is made with two stages of cooking which includes open-fire grilling and boiling with heated rocks placed directly into the bowls.

This stew is made entirely with resources found naturally on the island. This starts off with gathering some of the abundant driftwood found naturally across this island.

You may arrange this wood into a campfire at approved campsite locations found across the island.

The fish as well can be caught from the beaches here and there are no strict rules for the type of fish that can be used in wappani. In fact, the flavor of this dish varies greatly depending on the type of fish used!

The fish is skewered on bamboo sticks and placed over the driftwood campfire where it is thoroughly grilled.