Rental Cars in Yamagata

When asked what the single most difficult part of traveling here in the Japanese countryside is, our answer may surprise you.  It is not the lack of English, nor the weather, or even the customs.  It is transportation.  

Public transportation options here in rural Japan require very precise and careful planning.  Many bus lines only run a limited times per day and constantly change due to difficulties with a rapidly decreasing population.  

Instead we are focused on helping international visitors utilize rental cars.

This is by far the best way to travel around the rural regions of Japan as they free you from strict scheduling and can help avoid logistical disasters if you miss your bus.

With wide open roads, no traffic, and very easy-going drivers, driving here in Yamagata is part of the enjoyment of visiting this region.

We have partnered with local rental car companies across Yamagata to provide the following types of rental cars that are suited for travelers.  

These cars may be conveniently picked up directly at the train stations or airports across Yamagata.  

Pick Up Locations Include. 

-Sakata Station (Sakata City) 

-Tsuruoka Station (Tsuruoka City) 

-Yamagata Station (Yamagata City) 

-Shonai Airport (Sakata City) 

-The Port of Sakata (for cruise ship passengers) 

-Custom pick up locations are also possible for little to no extra fees, please contact us and we will forward it to the rental car companies.

All you need to reserve these are the following. 

-An international drivers license. 

-A passport.  

-A signature.

All prices include insurance.  

Rental car in Tsuruoka City

Kei Cars 

Light weight vehicles for easy transportation.

5 people

4,800 yen/day

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Mini Vans

Large mini vans for large groups or families with huge carry capacity.  

7 people 

15,000 - 18,500 yen/day

Rental cars in Sakata City

Compact Cars

Compact cars that are larger and more comfortable than kei cars.  

5 people

6,000 yen/day

Rental cars in Yamagata prefecture

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars combining great fuel efficiency with comfort and size.  

5 people

11,000 yen/day

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