The Sakata City rice cracker factory

The Sakata Beika Factory

Sakata City

Sakata City is home to the Sakata Beika rice cracker company, a famous brand of senbei widely popular both in Japan and abroad in Australia and New Zealand.  

Their main factory is located right in the downtown area and is open to the public to see the production process from start to finish.  The entire factory consists of one very long structure where conveyor belts take in rice on one end and churn out millions of rice crackers on the other. 


The tour of the factory itself is about 400 meters and lets you see much of the production process.  Be sure to visit during the morning or afternoon so you can see the lines and workers making fresh senbei.  You can even try some of the delicious rice crackers right off the factory line! 

At the end of the tour route is a cafe and gift shop where you can buy various types of senbei flavored with dozens of delicious flavors.  The cafe also serves food that features their senbei including curry and even ice cream. 


Visitors may also try grilling their own senbei crackers on small portable grills that they bring out. This involves grilling the base wafers of rice that expand to over twice their size when heated.  You may also flavor them with soy sauce of various other flavors.  

Even if you have already eaten senbei from the factory floor, it is well worth the chance to grill you own senbei as taste incredibly delicious when freshly grilled and flavored.  

Quick Info:

The Sakata Beika Factory is located in downtown Sakata at the following address.  Please note that this factory is separate from the downtown area where most of the other tourism attractions in Sakata City are located.

〒998-0832 山形県酒田市両羽町2-24


Factory entrance fee: 300 yen

Hours:  9:00am to 4:00pm 

Senbei Experience: 400 yen

Senbei Experience Hours:  9:00am to 5:30pm.


For reservations, please contact 

Sakata Beika Rice Crackers

Make your own senbei!

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