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  The Sakata Firework Festival

Sakata City

Aside from its abundance of rich nature and mountains, Yamagata is also famous for its extravagant summer firework displays.  One of the main contenders for the greatest displays in this prefecture is Sakata City's firework festival that features a wide launch platform and massive fireworks that fill the entire night sky with dazzling lights.  

Those in Yamagata during this time will certainly wish to pay this festival a visit.  

Watch this video of the finale if you want to see just how energetic and insane this firework display is! 

Quick Info:


The date of this festival varies slightly but is always held on the first Saturday of August.  

Please contact the city hall if you would like to double check.  

The viewing location is along the river trail of the Mogami River, here is the approximate address.  

You have great flexibility where you can choose to sit, but just keep in mind that the roads must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. 

Tsutsumicho, Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture 998-0835


Entry to the fireworks is free!  

There are some food vendors as well.  

sakata firework festival, sakata, yamagata, fireworks

The river trail where you can watch the show. 

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