The Sakata Jinku Nagashi Dance Festival

Sakata City

Each year at the peak of summer, the streets of downtown Sakata City fill with hundreds of dancers for a night of live dancing to Sakata Jinku, the traditional folk song of this lovely port city.  

This dance celebrates the golden age of Sakata City back when it was a major port for trade between the Tohoku Region and the rest of Japan.  Participants dance in a large circle through the downtown area for a total of four times over the course of two and a half hours.  

Take a look at this festival in the highlights video below!

Quick Info:


The date of this dance festival varies slightly but is always held on the first Friday of August right before the Sakata Firework Festival .  

Please contact us if you would like to double check.  

Visitors are highly encouraged to join this dance festival!  The same dance is repeated 4 times and is easy to follow and copy.  

Feel free to step into the dance line during one of the breaks.  

This festival is held right in the downtown area next to the Shimizuya Department Store.  

A wide view of the hundreds of participants!

Taiko drum performers 

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