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    The Sakata Matsuri

Sakata City

The Sakata Festival is the largest festival in Sakata City featuring a massive street bazaar with over 350 vendors, street parades, and dozens of performances in Hiyoriyama Park.  It has been held annually since 1609 without a single cancellation for the Kami and Shimo Hie Shrines and to commemorate the recovery of Sakata City after the Shokai Earthquake that leveled over 80% of the city in 1894.  

This festival includes a large performance stage with live performances held throughout the entirety of the festival as well as long lines of food and game vendors lined up around Hiyoriyama Park as well as the rest of the downtown area of Sakata. 

Quick Info:


Held annually from May 19th to May 21st in the center of Sakata City and Hiyoriyama Park.  

〒998-0063 Yamagata-ken, Sakata-shi, Minamishinmachi, 一丁目10


Entry to the festival and performances are free.

There are a wide variety of vendors for games and food with varied prices.  

Please note that most vendors are cash only.

Somaro, Geisha, Maiko

One of the many street vendors 

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