Sankyo Soko Warehouse during the fall

Sankyo Rice Warehouses

Sakata City

With the stark contrast of the black wooden paling and tiled rooves against the white plaster walls, not to mention the awe-inspiring row of Zelkova trees along the back, the Sankyo Rice Warehouses are the iconic symbol of Sakata in its glory days.

Constructed in 1893, the warehouses were so well-designed that nine of the 12 are still being used for their original purpose. A few notable features include the raised roof to allow ventilation throughout the year, and the Zelkova trees that provide much-needed shade in the summer, and protection from the harsh winds in winter.


The other three warehouses have been converted into Sakata Yume-no-Kura, a sake and snack bar,  souvenirs, and Hokotei, a traditional Japanese restaurant that showcases the original roof from the inside. There is a museum at the northern end features many handmade tools and artefacts used for rice farming showing the effort that went into growing the staple grain for a growing nation.

Quick Info:


The Sankyo Rice Warehouses are located in the center of Sakata at the below address.  There is a large parking lot and it is also reachable by foot from Sakata Station.  

The Honma Historical Residence and Abumiya are a 5-10 minute walk away. Just follow the paved-stone path.

〒998-0838 Yamagata-ken, Sakata-shi, Sankyomachi, 1 Chome−1−8


Entry is free but there is a ¥300 to the rice museum. Please be aware that the museum does not have English support, but it is still worth seeing. 

Sankyo soko warehouse durin the fall

The line of zelkova trees during the Fall.

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