Mt. Chokai Sea to Summit 

August 25th and 26th

Know anyone who can’t wait to get outdoors? Someone looking for the ultimate in outdoor achievement? Have friends or family who are daring adventure-seekers or athletes, or simply love the outdoors? The Mt. Chokai Sea to Summit event, the hardest event on the Japanese Sea to Summit circuit, represents the ultimate in outdoor fun.

Quick Info:

Event Dates                                                                                                August 25th and 26th

Entry Price                                                                                                   11,340 yen (tax included)

Entry Opens                                                                                                June, 25th, 2018

Event Address                                                                                             Fukura Port in Yuza

Day One: Environment Symposium (August 25th)


On August 25th there is a mandatory seminar for participants of this event, but guests are more than welcome to attend. 


Here a brief explanation of the Mt. Chokai and Tobishima Geopark will be given in addition to a panel discussion on the special cohabitation that humans and nature share in this region.


After this, vital information about the race dynamics and the legs of the course will be provided.  This includes information about the required equipment, skills, and potential dangers of the course.  

The course will also let participants know how to drop off their equipment at the designated transition areas for the three parts of the course.

Day Two: The Main Event (Kayaking, Biking, Hiking)


On day two, participants will wake up early in the morning to drop off their equipment at the designated stations and prepare for the epic adventure ahead. 


The event will begin at 10am with the 4km kayak course in the Sea of Japan just off the coast of the Sakata Northern Port.  This kayak section takes part in a sheltered part of the bay so dont worry about having to deal with waves. 


After finishing this leg, participants will then transition to a challenging 21km cycling climb up to the Odaira Trailhead.  This route will take you through beautiful cedar and beech forests and up switchbacks with sweeping views of the expansive Shonai plains.  

Upon reaching the Odaira Trailhead, you will put on your hiking boots and begin your epic ascent to the highest peak in the entire Tohoku region!  Along your hike you will pass beautiful sights like Chokai Lake, marshlands, and even glaciers that remain frozen year-round! 

The greatest thrill of this event will be reaching the peak and taking in the view that it offers, but we won't go into details here and leave it for you to discover. 

After finishing this event you may want to join a variety of festivities and celebrations back at the Odaira Trailhead lodge and to receive your award for completing such a challenging feat.  We would highly recommend spending the night in Sakata after this race.  

Entry Types:




Individuals complete the kayak, bike, and hike by themselves. Entrants continue at their own pace, so this is a great chance to test their mental and physical abilities in the three disciplines. Imagine how it feels to finish! 


Teams (of two to five members)


Teams of two to five members are also able to take part in the event. Each member can choose which leg they want to take, and all members can even take part at the same time, a great chance for a fun time with your close friends or family!




Entrants with disabilities can take part in as little or as much of the competition as they like. They can even team up with able-bodied people if they like. 

Entry Fees:


  • Individuals: For one individual to complete the race from start to finish ¥10,500 (¥11,340 with tax).

  • Teams: For teams to complete the race from start to finish ¥10,500 (¥11,340 with tax) per person. Team members can work in a relay, or each member can participate in the whole event.

  • Parachallenge: ¥10,500 (¥11,340 with tax) per person (a support person is included in the cost) 

*No refunds.


*Please enquire about entry fees for those younger than elementary school age


¥500 is included in the entry fee for environmental safety

Rental Equipment:

Participants need to arrange their own kayak and bike for this event, but the gear can be rented in Sakata.  Please contact us for assistance with rentals. 



Special awards will be given to entrants from each category regardless of entry type or time. Each participant will receive a T-shirt with the logo for the event on it.


Please be aware that there are no awards for places.


Event notes:


Each Leg of the Event:


  • Entrants must ensure they are fit and healthy enough to enter.

  • The event organizers will prepare for accidents during the race, but will take no further responsibility.

  • Entrants must attend the symposium on the first day. Only attending the second day is not allowed.

  • Please follow the instructions of security and event organizers. In the event of a traffic accident or similar event, contact the police immediately, and follow their instructions.

  • The conditions for renting gear are different for each event. Please refer to each event page for more. Please prepare your own equipment.

  • Motorised equipment (Kite Kayaks, e-bikes etc.) cannot be used.

  • Please carry your own hydration pack. There are no other restrictions on what can be carried by entrants. 

  • Please prepare your own equipment and leave it in the designated area before race start.

  • Event organizers will not organize transport for participants or their supporters. Please plan for yourself.

  • Please be aware that as the events are held in national parks, pets may not be allowed in some areas.

  • If entry is not granted, event organizers take no responsibility for loss (i.e. money spent on items or in preparation for the event).


Kayak Leg


  • Any paddle-based apparatus such as canoe, kayak, SUP, rubber ducky, inflatable raft etc. can be used. 

  • Entrants must be able to rescue themselves.

  • Lifejackets and whistles must be fitted, flags must be attached to kayaks, and leashes must be worn with SUP boards.

  • All apparatuses must be able to float by themselves.


Bike Leg


  • Helmets must be worn

  • Bikes suitable for the event must be used and the laws of the road must be followed


Hiking Leg


  • Please prepare your own wet weather and other gear (e.g. head-strap or bear bell).

  • Collection of natural objects (animals, plants, dirt, rocks etc.), or walking off the track is forbidden.




Entry begins two months before the event date (June 25th), and closes one month before.

Entry is limited to the first 300 entrants.


Enter online at (in Japanese)

Please feel free to contact us at for assistance.  

Also refer to the official contact information of the race organisers below:


Entry Process:


  1. Online registration (Enter the details on the website, and register)

  2. Payment 

    • Payment must be received on time

    • Payment confirmation will be sent by email. This certifies the registration has been accepted.

    • Participation will be disallowed if payment is not received in time.

  3. The event program and guidelines for entry will be sent two weeks’ prior to the event 




Sea to Summit Liaison Council (Mont Bell Japan PR department).

TEL: 06-7670-3186

FAX: 06-6531-5536

POST: 550-0013 Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Shin-machi 2-2-2

*Please send inquiries to the respective event planners. 


Sponsors: Mont-Bell, Subaru


Weathernews Inc., Casio, Oshiete ‘Kakuredassui’ I’inkai, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., Daisen Ham Co., Ltd., NITE-IZE, Japan Airlines, Vixen, PRO TREK, MUSO Co., Ltd, Arist, Yamap, BioLite, Gerbe, Grail, Helinox, Humangear, JetBoil, Kupilka, SUN, Trango



To the Nishihama Coast (starting point) and Chokai Onsen Yurari (Seminar location)


By car: 


  • From Yamagata: 15km in the direction of Akita from the Sakata Interchange

  • From Akita: 20km in the direction of Sakata from the Kisakata Interchange


By Train:


  • From Yamagata: Yamagata Station > Shinjo Station > Sakata Station > Fukura Station

  • From Niigata: Niigata Station > Sakata Station > Fukura Station

  • From Akita: Akita Station > Fukura Station

*The location is a 15-minute walk from Fukura Station


By Plane:


  • Haneda Airport > Shonai Airport (Four flights per day)

*There is a bus from Shonai Airport to Sakata Station (35mins) * Head north on the 112 from Shonai Airport, then take the 7 northbound (about 35km)


Contact details for inquiries about the location or accommodation:


Akita Prefecture: Yurihonjo City Tourism Association TEL: 0184-24-6376, Nikaho City Tourism Association TEL: 0184-43-6608


Yamagata Prefecture: Yuza Chokai Tourism Association TEL: 0234-72-5666, Sakata City Torusim Association TEL: 0234-24-2233

Kayak rentals are available at cost. Contact the Mt. Chokai Sea to Summit Executive Committee at 0234-26-0470

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