Shojin Ryori Culinary Experience on Mt. Haguro


Harvest various wild mountain vegetables in the forests and fields of Mt. Haguro alongside yamabushi mountain monks and learn how to make their legendary Shojin Ryori cuisine in the Miyatabo shukubo lodge. 

Quick Info:

Event Date(s)                                                                                                Year Round (see below)

Activity Length                                                                                             Approximately 3 hours

Address                                                                                               The Miyatabo Mountain Lodge)

Price                                                                                                                       See below

The Harvest


We will start this experience at the Miyatabo Lodge on Mt. Haguro in the small mountain village of Toge.  This area is lined by dozens of shukubo pilgrim lodges that once hosted tens of thousands of Yamabushi who visited the Dewa Sanzan when they became a major place for pilgrimage during the Edo Period.  

Here we will meet the yamabushi of this lodge and make our way into the forests and fields where we will harvest traditional mountain vegetables known as sansai. 

This part of the experience is fully supervised by the monks of this mountain who are well familiar with the ingredients we will be harvesting and eating.  They will show us how to identify the vegetation we are looking for and how to spot if they are at the correct stage in their growth to be edible.  

After filling our baskets with fresh vegetables we will then head back to Miyatabo to begin cooking. 

Preparing Shojin Ryori


The second part of this experience will be to prepare Shojin Ryori, the traditional cuisine of the Yamabushi monks of Yamagata. 


The Yamabushi developed this cooking out of necessity to sustain them during their long periods of isolated training on these mountains that could last from weeks to months. This cuisine also became an integral part of their training as it was seen as a way to cleanse their bodies and souls while on the mountains and to accept the blessings of nature. 

We will work alongside locals at the lodge to prepare our vegetables and to cook them into a variety of dishes in the large kitchen of Miyatabo.  This class will also include sansai vegetation prepared in advance due to the longer length of time that some of these dishes require.  

After preparing our food we will then move to the dining hall of the lodge to enjoy a delicious course of shojin ryori together.  

Miyatabo sansai (web)-1-24.jpg

(Virtual Tours Available) 

The availability of this experiences varies due to the variation of the seasons from year to year.  Please fill out the inquiry form below and we would be happy to help arrange an experience with Miyatabo that will fit your travel needs!

Please also note that the contents of this tour vary by the season.  

Shojin ryori utilizes the ingredients available naturally on the mountains. 

The ingredients of this yamabushi cooking are split by the following seasons. 

-Various mountain vegetables in the Spring and Summer.

-Mushrooms in the Fall. 

-Tsukemono (Japanese pickled fruits and vegetables) during the Winter.  

-Virtual tours for this experience are available for individuals and organizations, please contact us for details in the reservation form below.

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