Sushi Workshop at The Kamo Aquarium

In this special sushi workshop, you will watch and learn how to break down freshly caught fish into sushi-grade sashimi by one of Yamagata Prefecture's most famous Chefs.  Then with this sashimi, you will learn to make beautiful plate of delicious nigiri and rolled sushi.


This workshop takes place inside Chef Takeshi Suda's beautiful coastal restaurant right inside The Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka City. 

You will have the chance to work with fresh locally caught fish right from the coast of the Shonai Region and high grade Tsuyahime Rice grown in the surrounding rice fields.  Through this course you will learn how top-grade sushi is made from start to finish and then get to make your own course of sushi and enjoy it with a delicious meal for lunch! 

Quick Info:

Event Date(s)                                                                                              Year Round, See Below

Activity Length                                                                                           Approximately 2.5 hours

Activity Time                                                                                                    9:30am or 4:00pm

Venue                                                                                                           The Kamo Aquarium

Price                                                                                                                         10,000 yen

This class will begin with a demonstration on how to break down fresh fish into sashimi. 

Note that the type of fish shown in this part of the demonstration will vary by season since it will be caught fresh the night before the experience.


Chef Suda will demonstrate cutting techniques as well as the type of cuts that are best suited for sashimi used for nigiri sushi.  You will also be able to use the sashimi made in this demonstration in your own sushi. 

Participants are also encouraged to try cutting their own sashimi alongside the chef with some of his prized knives. Some of the knives used by the chef are worth over $2,500!

Following this the chef will then teach you three of the main methods used to make nigiri sushi as well as how to make rolled sushi.  

Participants will then move to tables where they will make a full sushi course under the supervision of the chef.  Your stations will be complete with weight scales that will make it easy to get the perfect amount of rice and pre-cut ingredients.  

Following the completion of your sushi, everyone will enjoy a lunch centered around your masterpieces with the chef!

Chef Takeshi Suda

This workshop is led by Chef Suda, the head chef of Okimizuki and one of the top chefs of Yamagata Prefecture.  

He is a master washoku chef who has placed 4th in the Japan National Skills Grand Prix in 2017 and 2019 for his stunning plating of Japanese flounder. 

Chef Suda has also represented Yamagata Prefecture abroad in Europe and America for culinary demonstrations and lessons.

Chef Suda has a passion for revitalizing the Shonai Region with international tourism and has created these programs at these prices for the purpose of helping to jump start a thriving tourism industry for this region. 


Reservations and Important Notes

-This workshop is available year-round. 

-Please send us a reservation inquiry for availability.


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Reviews and Feedback

Please let us and others know what you thought of this experience!  

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