The Sanno Club

Sakata City

Like Somaro, the Sanno Club was also originally a high-class restaurant. Named “Uhachi-ro”, the restaurant was originally designed in 1894 by Yasutaro Sato, one of Sakata's most famous architects who also worked on the buildings for Somaro, the hexagonal lighthouse in Hiyoriyama park, and the Jokigen Sake Brewery buildings. Uhachiro ran from 1895 to until it was forced to close in 1941 due to the war, and was famous for its azalea garden and its Maiko and Geisha house.


After the war the restaurant was reopened and renamed the Sanno Club, where it ran for over 50 years. In 1999, the restaurant closed down again, but was donated to Sakata City and reopened in 2008 to share the unique history and culture of the port town. 

The Sanno Club is famous for its Kasafuku ornaments, small everyday objects that are sewn and hung from stark red umbrellas (Kasa). On the first floor, there is a souvenir shop where the Kasafuku ornaments can be purchased already made or in ready-to-make kits along with other local crafts. There is also a tearoom, and exhibitions all about the Kitamaebune ships which are sure to please history buffs. 


The second flood is famous for its exhibition of Kasafuku, and the accompanying craft room where guests can try making the ornamental pieces with help from the locals.

Quick Info:

Sanno Club is located in downtown Sakata next to Somaro and Hiyoriyama Park. 

〒998-0037 Yamagata-ken, Sakata-shi, Hiyoshichō, 2 Chome−2−25


Entry Fee: ¥310

One of the many rooms to explore

Brilliant kimono on display during the summer

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