The Yamagata Snow Festival

    The Yamagata Snow Festival

Sagae City

The Yamagata Snow Festival is an annual event in Sagae City in Yamagata Prefecture featuring a small display of snow sculptures, performances, foodstalls, and a firework show against the frozen fields of Sagae.  

This festival takes place during the first weekend of February at the Mogamifurusato Park next to the Mogami River.  

Firework Festival

Note that the firework festival will only take place on February 1st starting at 7:00pm.  



Quick Info:


This festival is held annually at the start of February, the date for the 2020 Yamagata Snow Festival is below. 

January 31st, February 1st, and February 2nd

〒991-0041 Yamagata, Sagae, 市大字寒河江字山西甲1269


Entry to the festival and performances are free.

There are a wide variety of vendors for games and food with varied prices.  

The Yamagata Snow Festival

One of the many street vendors