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    The Hassaku Ritual

Tsuruoka City

The Hassaku Shinto Ritual is a great chance to see around 150 Yamabushi training on the mountains. On the night of the August 31st every year is the Hassaku festival which takes place outside Prince Hachiko shrine, immediately next to Dewasanzan Shrine on the top of Mt. Haguro.


September 1st concludes the Aki-no-mine-iri ritual when hundreds of Yamabushi parade down the stone steps of Mt. Haguro. 

Quick Info:


The Hassaku Ritual is a two day event on August 31st and September 1st. 


You may inquire about this festival here

It takes place on Mt. Haguro.


Entry to the festival and performances are free.

Be sure not to block the mountain monks by staying far ahead of their procession.  

Somaro, Geisha, Maiko

Yamabushi descending the stone steps of Mt. Haguro.

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