Yamagata Wagyu BBQ

Yamagata City 

Top Quality Wagyu at Market Price

As one of the top 6 wagyu producing areas of Japan, Yamagata Prefecture boasts some of the highest grades of buttery and impossibly tender wagyu in all of Japan.

Choose from a wide selection of top-grade Yamagata Wagyu in a local supermarket and grill it right inside the shop at a special BBQ section.  The wagyu here is sold at market prices and you are free to buy and grill up as much as you'd like.  

You can also buy alcohol and other side dishes to enjoy at your table as well!


Quick Info:

Event Date(s)                                                                                                        Year Round 

Activity Length                                                                                           Approximately 1 hour 

Address                                                                                                       Super Market Yoshida 

                                                                                                                 (close to Yamagata Station)

Price                                                                                                                    From 2500yen 

Yamagata Wagyu Directly from the Market  ​


This experience is at Super Market Yoshida located right near Yamagata Station. 

This market has a special grilling area that you can use to grill any wagyu or other types of food that you buy in the market freely.  

This market sells wagyu at market prices and is likely the cheapest place for you to enjoy top grade wagyu in all of Yamagata!  

Here is how it works. 

-First check in at the register and tell them you are here for the BBQ experience

-Rent a spot in the BBQ area (350 yen per hour)

-Go into the market and choose from a wide selection of Wagyu from across Yamagata Prefecture

-Purchase any alcohol, side dishes, or even seafood to grill and enjoy alongside your wagyu feast

You may also make a full meal out of this by buying other side dishes and local sake and craft beer as well.  The alcohol here is also sold at market prices. 

For those who do not eat beef, there is also a wide selection of seafood from Miyagi Prefecture available to grill as well. 

Yamagata Wagyu-1-3.jpg

This market also has a special set course of 9 cuts of wagyu that are specially


selected by the owner of the market.


This course is 2,500 yen and includes the bbq rental fee.

This selection is the best value in terms of quality, qauntity, and also variety in


different top grade cuts of wagyu.

Note that this selection requires reservations in advance.

Yamagata Wagyu.jpg


This experience is available year-round. 

Please try to make a reservation 2 days in advance if you would like to reserve the set course.

You may request reservations from 4:00pm to 6:30pm. 

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