Yamabushi Waterfall Training on Mt. Yudono

Waterfall Training on Mt. Yudono

 5 - 6 hours on Mt. Yudono


Take part in a day long training program at Mt. Yudono, the most sacred part of the Dewa Sanzan (Three Holy Mountains of Dewa).  This program is known as the Gyo Experience and is fully guided by Yamabushi monks of Mt. Yudono.  

This training ritual was also the focus of a program on NHK World and has since garnered attention of those seeking to experience the deep spiritual side of the Dewa Sanzan.

Quick Info:

Event Date(s)                                                                                             Early Summer to Early Fall

Activity Length                                                                                                       5 - 6 hours

Venue                                                                                                                    Mt. Yudono

Price                                                                                                                    From 11,000 yen

We will begin our day dressing into Shirosozoku robes, the white robes of the dead as we purify and steady our minds and spirits in the many rituals ahead. 

After dressing into these robes, participants will hike along the secret trails of Mt. Yudono to sacred waterfalls where we will perform prayers and rituals right under one of the waterfalls of Mt. Yudono.

After dressing into these robes, participants will hike along the secret trails of Mt. Yudono to sacred waterfalls where we will perform prayers and rituals right under one of the waterfalls of Mt. Yudono.

Following this, we will make our way to the main shrine of Mt. Yudono where the monks will lead you through a variety of rituals to purify our bodies before we will be allowed into the shrine complex.


This includes wiping a paper effigy across our body to transfer our sins into the doll before releasing it into nearby stream. 

Note that any and all forms of photography or videos are strictly forbidden at this holy site of incredible importance to the yamabushi.  


Here we will make offerings to the deity of this mountain, a massive red boulder with hot spring water bursting forth which symbolizes the birth of new life.   


The next part of the Gyo Experience will be to enjoy shojin ryori, the traditional religious cuisine of the Yamabushi mountain monks.   

The consumption of this highly symbolic meal represents our recognition and gratitude to the sustenance provided to our body and soul by these mountains.

Its seasonal vegetables and simplistic form is also believed to help bring balance and purity to our physical bodies. 

The last part of this training will be to take part in a ritual at a separate portion of the Mt. Yudono Shrine. 


Here participants will experience the Hi Matsuri (Fire Festival) where yamabushi monks reflect deep into the many generations of ancestors who have proceeded them and thank them for the sacrifices they have made. Shugendo presses great importance on honoring the dead, as it is only thanks to them that we ourselves are fortunate enough to exist here in the present.  

To conclude this training, you will receive a charm and amulet from the Yamabushi of Mt. Yudono recognizing your completion of the trials on this day.  

Reservations and Important Notes

-The minimum number of people required to run this program is 2 people.

-Note that this experience becomes progressively cheaper if the number of participants increases (the lowest price is reached at 8 or more participants)

-The price of this tour starts at 11,000 yen per person (Approximately $100)

-Note that there are additional charges for the Yamabushi clothing that cannot be used as rental clothes.  This fee is 1,300 yen for men (traditional underwear, headband, sandals) and 5,300 yen for women (top and bottom robes, headband, sandals).  Please understand that the women outfits are worn in a way during the training that prevents them from being available as rentals.  All non-rental clothing may be taken home with you.

-Please note that for parties with no Japanese speakers, a translator will be required.  This is for important safety reasons, the cost for a translator will depend on a number of factors.  Please contact us in the reservation forum if you need a translator.

-Note that these are outdoor activities and are subject to cancellation if the weather presents dangerous conditions.

Reviews and Feedback

Please let us and others know what you thought of this experience!  

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