Shonai Cycling 

April to November

Glide through the wide open plains, small peaceful villages, and beautiful coastline of the Shonai Region with the freedom of cycling.  

With very few traffic lights, low population density, friendly drivers, and stunningly pristine nature, this region is a perfect place to enjoy by bike.  

Our cycling tours are led alongside YaH, an outdoor specialist travel company based in Sakata City.  All tours are led by experienced local cyclists who are well familiar with this region's best cycling routes. 

See below for the various types of cycling experiences that are currently available.  

Yuza Cycling Course 

(Yuza Town)

Enjoy an intimate and peaceful ride through the small villages and vast rice fields of the small countryside town of Yuza as we ride to some of the many nature spots favorited by locals.  


This fully guided 4 hour tour will start from Yuza Station where we will begin our ride out of the small town and into the open rice fields and along the rivers of Shonai. 

We will then stop at Nakayama Park for a short break.  This park is located next to a very small village and has a small quite river lined with dozens of beautiful cherry blossom trees and a beautiful view of Mt. Chokai in the background.  

This park is beautiful during all times of the year.  Those visiting in April may even be lucky enough to see the stunning view of the snow-capped peak of Mt. Chokai and sakura in full bloom! 

We will then make our way towards the forests and valleys that line the Shonai towards Maruike Pond. 

This pond is part of the vast Mt. Chokai Geopark and is fed by acidic spring water from deep underground that gives is a marvelously deep turquoise color.  This location also features a short forest walk with a deep stream with crystal clear water fed right from the mountains.


From here we will begin our ride back to Yuza Station and stop by a beautiful hidden shrine in the forest that is only known by local here in Yuza.  


Yuza Cycling Course 

Availability                                                                                                      April to November

Price                                                                                                                  7,500 per person

Activity Length                                                                                                       4 Hours 

Starting Point                                                                                                      Yuza Station


-Rental Bikes (Specialized hybrid bikes for comfortable upright riding)


-Trained and experienced guides (English and Japanese)


Please let us and others know what you thought of this experience!  

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